It is me, Antanas

Hi, I am Antanas from Lithuania.

In 2 years I have learned 3 languages.

Now I want to help you learn Lithuanian.

What is Talk like Antanas about?

Talk like Antanas is a page for everyone who wants to learn Lithuanian as a foreign language.

The main mission of Talk like Antanas is to provide quality content for Lithuanian learners – Lithuanian courses, video lessons, exercises, grammar explanations – as well as conversation based 1-on-1 online lessons.

It is also dedicated to everybody who wants to understand the process of language learning and speak their target language.

This page is a documentation of Antanas' language journey, both as a student and a teacher, and an open invitation for everybody to start learning foreign languages.

Because it is never too late.

Because you can.

Languages I speak

Lithuanian flag

Mother tongue

The language of my mind, body and soul

English flag

My first foreign language

Learned at school

Russian flag

The language I hear on the street

Easy to understand, hard to replicate

Spanish flag

Soft, smooth, Spanish

A language of passion

German flag

The most logical language ever

I approach it like math



Love for ears

Struggle for tongue and lips